Why Donate

A message from POW-MIA Freedom Car Driver/Spokesman, Jerick Johnson

At this season of giving, we think first of the military families that have suffered great losses. Losses of life, limb, and mental or physical well-being.

This is the bitter price many soldiers pay to protect us and our liberties. Rightly, we reach out to help these veterans in need.

There is another group of military veterans that are often forgotten, however. Those who paid the ultimate price but were lost and never came home; or along the way were imprisoned and kept from their families for years–and some…FOREVER!


There are, to this day, over 82,000 POW & MIA – Prisoners of War and Missing in Action soldiers still unaccounted for!

It is for these FORGOTTEN HEROES and their families that the mission of the POW*MIA Freedom Car was born.


This Pro Late Model stock car that competes in professional NASCAR and other races around the US is a symbol of awareness and remembrance to millions of Americans.

OUR MISSION: To promote and increase awareness of the POW-MIA issue and to educate future generations of the POW-MIA cause. To keep the pressure on our government to make sure that ALL POW-MIAs are accounted for. And to remind our fellow Americans that the greatest tragedy of all is to be forgotten. We honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and let past, present, and potential future POW-MIAs know that they will never be forgotten.

You may have seen the Freedom Car in competition or at a national convention of veterans like the VFW or American Legion. You may have seen us in a parade, at a Walmart parking lot, amusement park or other public events across the country. But chances are, you haven’t seen us at all.


That’s why I’m reaching out to you today for help. We need to do more. MUCH MORE!

In 2019, the POW-MIA Freedom Car faced some of America’s top-performing teams and drivers in the class. In addition to getting our message in front of thousands of fans, we earned 6 first-place trophies and an additional 4 top-3 finishes in just 21 races! Win or lose, We were a contender in every race. 

The winner’s circle gives greater visibility to our cause. And that’s why we compete so hard! But that’s not all we do…

The Freedom car made about 40 additional public appearances in events like the Columbus, Ohio Red, White, and BOOM! 4th of July celebration with hundreds of thousands of attendees, on the one hand, to local American Legion and VFW Post gatherings from New York to Florida, on the other.

Your donation of $1000, $500, $250, $50 or any amount helps to ensure that this message reaches more of the racing fans and others who are unaware of this cause, or just need a reminder. 

This coming year, the POW-MIA Freedom Car tour and campaign is joining forces with Helping Heroes, a non-profit* charitable (501(c)(3)) organization dedicated to military and first responder support and service. This will expand our reach and ensure your donations are tax-deductible. 

The Helping Heroes alliance was made possible through our title corporate sponsor, MyComputerCareer. Company founder, Tony Galati, the son of a Marine, became engaged in our cause when he discovered that one of his children had no idea what POW-MIA stood for.

In 2020, I will again be competing in over 20 Pro Late Model Series races reaching bigger crowds, gaining more coverage online and on TV, and appearing in an expanded schedule of larger public events. We are also adding veteran suicide awareness to our POW-MIA message.

Here's How You Can Help

While our MyComputerCareer commercial sponsorship covers many of the hard costs of competition, we rely on your generosity to help keep us on the road taking the POW-MIA message from sea to shining sea!


Won’t you please consider a donation of $1000, $500, $250 or any amount to help us keep the POW-MIA cause and our veterans at the forefront of America’s conscience?!

Any individual who donates $100 or more will receive a Certificate as an HONORARY SPONSOR of the POW-MIA Freedom Car & Awareness Campaign (suitable for framing). 

You will also receive an autographed photo of me, Jerick Johnson, and the Freedom Car to pair with your certificate. You will be recognized as an official sponsor at www.FreedomCar.org AND on the HelpingHeroes.org website. And EVERY DOLLAR of your donation will go to support the Freedom Car cause. 

To contribute, go to www.HelpingHeroes.org and click on the DONATE NOW button. You may use your PayPal account or any major credit/debit card.

We must never, EVER forget the sacrifices that secure and maintain our liberties. Thank you for your support and for your service to our nation!



Jerick Johnson

Freedom Car Driver & National Spokesman

Johnson Motorsports